Personal Medicine for Both of Us.

The Your MD Personal Medicine program gives our patients the modern medical treatments, focused attention, and physician-patient relationship that’s been missing too long from your doctor’s office.

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A Unique Approach to the Physician-Patient Relationship

As your physician, I believe it’s essential that I practice the kind of true doctoring that makes a priority of you, your health, and…yes, your life.

In three decades of practicing medicine, I’ve learned that being a good physician means making a profound commitment. Not simply a commitment to medical excellence but a commitment of time, effort, and personal energy. In other words, a personal commitment to you.

Today, I’m able to provide you with that level of focus — a more intimate relationship between a physician and patient — with a membership or retainer. Although the clinical world calls this type of arrangement concierge medicine, I call it Personal Medicine. It’s a simple premise.

By becoming a member of Your MD, you’ll be able to reach me personally. You won’t have to compete for my attention. You’ll be seen same-day or next-day. You’ll get as much time and attention as you need, and you’ll be treated like a person rather than a “clinical entity.”

In essence, you’ll get an intimate doctor-patient relationship. And you’ll be the priority.

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