Survey Says Patients Extremely Satisfied with Concierge Care

From January to November 2015, Concierge Choice (a concierge medicine provider in New York) conducted a patient satisfaction survey of approximately 18,000 concierge patients. Patient-satisfaction healthcare surveys are notorious for their low scores due to patient dissatisfaction with everything from long wait times to lack of prompt access to their physician.

However, the results of this concierge-specific survey with concierge-only patients are so exciting that we wanted to share these highlights with you:

  • 98 percent agree that the communication with their physician is better now that there is more time
  • 98 percent agree that they can reach their physician 24/7
  • 98 percent agree that the medical office staff is helpful
  • 97 percent would recommend membership to a friend
  • 94 percent wait for less than 15 minutes to see their doctor (48 percent under 5 minutes)
  • 84 percent indicate that their physician spends more than 15 minutes with them

In addition to the comments we get from our own concierge patients, it’s no wonder that concierge medicine continues to grow. And it’s clear that patients prefer concierge medicine to other models of care. There’s no substitute for providing patients with quick access and more time. When there’s a strong relationship between doctor and patient, health and satisfaction improves.

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